Cuisine Appliance Repairs

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Equipment Serviced

Combi Ovens/Pizza Ovens/Rotisseries/Deep Fryers
Pressure Fryers/Conveyor Toasters/Char Grills
Hot Plates/Salamanders/Pasta Cookers/Kettles
Bratt Pans/Bain Maries/Meat Slicers
Dishwashers/Glasswashers/Planetary Mixers
Heated Holding Cabinets/Commercial Microwaves.

We're Here To Help

We offer product procurement consultancy for those who are looking to purchase new equipment for their restaurant business. Choosing the best brands available for your start up budget, Cuisine can assist with your project & commissioning.
Email through your requirements. 

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Cuisine Repairs is experienced in servicing most major brands similar to those above including the latest technology like these Swiss made Thermaline modular cooking lines by Electrolux Professional.

Cuisine's Services

Chemical Dosing

We install detergent & rinse aid automatic dispensers to all types of dishwashers.

Dishwasher Maintenance

Request a hood or rack conveyor dishwasher major component inspection. Completed programmed maintenance report supplied.

Gas Component Maintenance

Have your gas cooking line pilots, cocks & burners periodically serviced for optimal operation.

Programmed Maintenance 

Combi Oven Service Plans

Crystal Plan
1 Combi Oven

3 x Combi Oven Services/Year
Includes: Full boiler descale and inspection; water & air filter replacement; one door gasket replacement/year.

Champagne Plan
2 Combi Ovens

3 x Combi Oven Services/Year
Includes: Crystal Deal plus full inspection of gas cooking line, pilots & gas burner components.

Caviar Plan
3 Combi Ovens

3 x Combi Oven Services/Year
Includes: Champagne Deal plus full inspection & de-liming of hood/rack conveyor dishwasher.

                                               Dear Customer,
                                               When requesting a service call please submit                                                   as much information as possible about the                                                       appliance.
                                               This may include a description of the                                                                 fault, such as a broken part, no power to                                                             control panel or unit not heating/steaming etc.
                                               Include any error codes displayed on control                                                     screen and if data plate info. available list                                                         model, serial & part numbers codes.
                                               These all assist in diagnosing faults                                                                   and determining parts required for repairs.
                                               Thank you,
                                               Cuisine Appliance Repairs.


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0404 833 887 

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